Mountaineering Village Lungiarü

Mountaineering Village Lungiarü

The village of Lungiarü (1398 m), is situated at the foot of the nature park Puez-Odle (Dolomites UNESCO world heritage). Because of the beautiful location at the end of the valley, the very low level of traffic and the lack of lifts and cable cars, the village opens up like a precious pearl, showcasing Ladin traditions completely untouched by change. Because of its lack of lifts and cable cars and thanks to its unspoilt nature, Lungiarü is the perfect paradise for hikes with touring skis, snowshoes and winter boots.


Its location at the foot of the nature park Puez-Odle ensures that Lungiarü is ideal for summer holidays. The mountain visitors immerse themselves in unspoilt nature and conquer with numerous hiking paths the Dolomite peaks on foot or by climbing.

The objective of the mountaineers villages is the sustainable development in the mountain villages, the harmony between humans and nature, to support the local sectors and some more. Less but better is the motto.  Lungiarü is the first village in the Dolomites with the name “mountaineering village”.

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