Enjoy the Ladin cuisine

Enjoy the Ladin cuisine


Inspired by a multiplicity of cultures, historic and primarily rural, and thus bound up with the land and its typical local products, over time Ladin cuisine has maintained its ability to impress on any dining table, with its unquestionable naturalness. Dishes to be tasted and tried, exploring the nuanced differences in the cooking methods, which can vary from place to place, are inspiring gourmets and winning new fans. A taste of “panicia” (Gerstensuppe) in a bread bowl or “canci”, large white (blanc) or red (checi) ravioli, is an experience that can satisfy the most demanding of palates. And don’t forget to try the dishes of the young chefs who are giving a creative modern twist with new combinations and great taste to what was once everyone’s grandmother’s cooking.

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Tourist office San Vigilio - San Martin | Dolomites
Str. Catarina Lanz 14
39030 San Vigilio di Marebbe

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